Emma Fathalian




Emma Fathalian is originally from Tehran, Iran.  She has studied classical piano seriously since the age of 9. She continued her studies, even as she attained her B.A in Natural Resources Engineering from Karaj Azad University  in 2016 with a minor in Classical Singing.  She studied exclusively with one of the premiere piano teachers in Iran, Azad Hakim Rabet, who is also a modern composer. He saw the potential for Emma to be a great teacher, and so she began teaching piano privately, traveling to students homes,  in 2014.  Then, from 2018 to 2021 she was the sole professor of Piano in the Sorush Music Academy, in Tehran.

In 2022, Emma immigrated to the US, and since has been eager to jump back into teaching.  She has joined the Music Teachers National Association, Maryland State Music Teachers Association, as well as the Montgomery County Music Teachers Association.   She is excited for her students to have many opportunities for performance and growth.

Emma’s desire is for her students to find their own personal connection to the piano; to allow the instrument to  be a conduit for their emotions, and connect them to their own heart.  She wants to build life-long musicians who can turn to the piano when things in life become challenging.