Why Suzuki?


The Suzuki Violin program is a community of people who share a love for their children and a desire to give them the gift of music in the hopes that it will help them grow.  This program should not be entered without great consideration.  More than simply signing up for violin lessons, Suzuki involves entering a community of students, teachers and families who study the violin as a means of collectively supporting and encouraging the development of children into fine human beings.  In joining this program, you share the overall goal of developing not only the musician in your child but the whole person.

The Suzuki Method is geared towards children beginning at age three, as the early years of childhood are most effective time to begin musical training.  Suzuki offers opportunities for the child to develop cognitive, physical, musical, social, verbal and aural skills.  The structure provided and nurtured has unlimited benefits in preparing children for future studies and activities.

Listening is an indispensable part of Suzuki.  Consistent listening to good models teaches the student melodies to be learned by ear and develops an appreciation for beautiful sound.  This is the “Mother Tongue” approach, which shapes much of the Suzuki method.  As a child learns to speak by listening to and imitating his or her parents, so can they learn repertoire and the key elements of quality violin timbre by listening to example CDs.  This breaks down the barriers of learning to read and play separately by unifying the process.  It allows young children to move comfortably one step at a time, so that with each step they build confidence to continue moving forward.

Group class instruction is essential for a Suzuki program.  In these classes students will observe other students in preparation for beginning lessons or beginning new repertoire.  The Suzuki repertoire is a common language the students share, which allows for social interaction and communication at each class.  The emphasis is on Cooperation rather than competition, avoiding any negative experiences.

The parent is as invested in the program as the student and teacher.  Only Suzuki allows the parent and child to grow together in a shared musical journey.  Sharing this process strengthens the bond between parent and child in a way rarely found in other educational or musical settings.

In Suzuki, a child’s potential is limitless, because the program allows each student to realize his or her own maximum potential.  The success rate is unmatched due to the support of a community that nurtures each child throughout the process.  The strength of self and self confidence that can bloom through the Suzuki Method is of great value to our children, because it will apply to becoming a great human being as well as a great musician.



Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki

To Learn With Love by William Starr

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