How do I enroll my child?


Before you begin…





It is required that the parent and child observe several lessons and/or group classes before beginning their own instruction.  This will allow both to grasp what is expected of them, and what they can expect to gain from the program.  Please contact us for specifics on when you can begin to observe the program first-hand.




There is opportunity for listening during the observation sessions, but listening must begin at home as soon as possible.  Links to the Suzuki compact discs can be found at the bottom of this page.  The CDs will develop strong listening skills and aid in internalizing the repertoire, and the more listening a child does before lessons, the better prepared they will be.




Shinichi Suzuki’s book Nurtured by Love and William Starr’s book To Learn with Love are required reading before beginning lessons, and links are also available below.  These will provide a solid understanding of the Suzuki philosophy, the goals of the program, and the vision your teacher will have for you and your child.


What is required of me and my family?


The commitments should become clear through the observation period.  The schedule will consist of one private lesson per week and bi-weekly group classes.  Attendance, as you will observe, is essential to the program, and vital to your child’s progress.  This pertains to both private lessons and group classes.

Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki

To Learn With Love by William Starr

Suzuki Compact Discs by David Cerone